Here’s Everything Hollywood Said About Trump, Muslim Travel Ban at SAG Awards

Mahershala Ali, Sarah Paulson, Ashton Kutcher and more use telecast to decry president’s immigration orders

SAG Awards Acceptance Speeches Trump

The Screen Actors Guild Awards gave Hollywood its third platform in only two days to address the national meltdown over President Donald Trump’s incendiary executive order on refugees from Muslim-majority countries.

On the heels of Saturday’s Sundance Film Festival closing night awards ceremony in Utah and the PGA Awards in Beverly Hills, star acting talent used the Shrine Auditorium to decry Trump, solicit donations or offer comfort and apologies to refugees and international neighbors on Sunday.

From Mahershala Ali to Sarah Paulson to Ashton Kutcher, here’s a running list of comments from Sunday’s SAG Awards:

Kerry Washington
“People are always saying actors shouldn’t express their opinions — but actors are activists no matter what … and my union allows me to do that.”

Ashton Kutcher
“I am a citizen of the world,” the Netflix star said.

While presenting Outstanding Female Performance in a Comedy Series, Kutcher also paid tribute to “everyone in airports that belong in my America. You are a part of the fabric of who we are, and we love you and we welcome you.”

Julia Louis-Dreyfus
“I am the daughter of an immigrant,” the “Veep” star said accepting the award for Best Actress in a comedy series. “My father fled religious persecution in Nazi-occupied France and I’m an American patriot — and I love this country. And because I love this country, I am horrified by its blemishes. And this immigrant ban is a blemish and is un-American.”

Mahershala Ali 
“We see what happens when you persecute people, they fold into themselve,” said the supporting-actor winner for “Moonlight.” “[I was grateful to be] playing a gentleman who saw a young man folding into himself and taking that opportunity to uplift him, and tell him that he mattered and tell him he was ok, and accept him — and I hope we do a better job at that.”

John Lithgow
“I’d also like to thank an underrated actress who somehow spoke my exact thoughts three week ago at another awards show — Meryl Streep,” said the star of Netflix’s “The Crown.”

Sarah Paulson
“I want to ask people, any money they have to spare please donate to the ACLU, which protects the rights and liberties of people across this country,” said the actress, a winner again for her work on “The People vs. O.J. Simpson.”

Bryan Cranston
“Donald Trump — I honestly feel like [U.S. President No.] 36 would put his arm around 45 and sincerely wish him success … and say, ‘Just don’t piss in the soup that all of us gotta eat,’” Cranston said, speaking through his “All The Way” character President Lyndon B. Johnson.

Lily Tomlin
“What sign should I make for the next march?”

SAG-AFTRA President Gabrielle Carteris
“Our union and our country are strong because of our commitment to diversity and inclusion, and because of the contribution of actors, broadcasters and recording artists worldwide who we represent and protect,” the former “Beverly Hills 90210” star said. “To paraphrase Alan Rickman, performers are agents of change. A film, a piece of theater or a book can make a difference. It can and does change the world.”

Emma Stone
“Things are very inexcusable and scary and need action,” said the “La La land” star and Best Actress winner.

The cast of “Stranger Things,” led by David Harbour
See Harbour’s epic, passionate, my-face-is-red speech about vanquishing bullies and monsters here.