Arnold Schwarzenegger Lauds Utility Crew for Finishing Off His Pothole Work: Thanks for ‘Pumping Up My Fix’

“Teamwork,” Schwarzenegger said after they used his patch to finish the job

The saga of Arnold Schwarzenegger fixing a pothole in his neighborhood has reached a conclusion – and it’s even got a twist ending.

If you haven’t been following along with this gripping real-life drama, earlier this week Schwarzenegger, star of the “True Lies,” former governor of California and Chris Pratt’s father-in-law, took to the streets to solve a problem that had been bugging him. There was a large pothole in his neighborhood, one that, according to the former Mr. Olympia, had “been screwing up cars and bicycles for weeks.”

In response, he took his “team” and filled in the pothole. He then posted a video of it to social media which is objectively hilarious – Schwarzenegger, in a brown leather jacket and workout pants, grey eyebrows peeking out from behind decidedly “Terminator”-y sunglasses, moving asphalt around.

At one point a woman stops her BMW and thanks Schwarzenegger. “You have to do it yourself,” Schwarzenegger says to the passerby. “For three weeks I’ve been waiting for this hole to be closed.” Towards the end of the video, Schwarzenegger sprinkles dirt on top of the asphalt.

Later, SoCal Gas, which has become a true supervillain to Angelinos recently thanks to sky-high gas bills, issued a statement saying that the pothole Schwarzenegger had so compellingly rallied against was actually an active worksite – a trench dug for utility work. Whoops! SoCal Gas said that usually that type of hole is filled in within 30 days, was sidelined thanks to inclement weather.

Schwarzenegger still claimed victory. When a SoCal Gas spokesperson talked to the Today Show about the incident, admitting that when the city went to fix the street they left the patch that Schwarzenegger and his “team” applied, using tools to make the patch strong, Arnold re-tweeted it, saying: “Teamwork. Happy to help speed this up, and thanks to the crew for pumping up my fix.”

Honestly, could you ask for a better resolution? This is a Hollywood ending that hole (and Arnold) deserved.