Arsenio Turns Instagram Against Donald Sterling (Video)

Arsenio Hall tells fans: Don’t get mad — get even

Arsenio Hall is using Instagram to tell Donald Sterling how he feels.

The only African-American late night host noted that Sterling apparently got angry at his girlfriend for posting pictures of herself with black people — including Hall’s friend Magic Johnson — on Instagram.

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“If Donald Sterling was upset that his girlfriend was being Instagrammed with black people, imagine how upset he would be if there were pictures of HIM on Instagram with black people,” Hall said.

He used a Sterling cutout to take a picture of himself with the Los Angeles Clippers owner, and urged fans to do the same.

“Be creative,” he said, calling the picture of himself with Sterling, “Ebony and Bigotry.”

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He also joked, “Now I know why it’s so hard to get good chicken wings at a Clippers game.”

Watch the video: