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‘Daily Show’ Takes on Racism, Donald Sterling: ‘I’m Racist, but My Dick and My Wallet are Not’ (Video)

Jon Stewart and co. put together a show all about the various old racists making headlines in the country lately

It was a big week for racism in America, which made for plenty of fodder for “The Daily Show.”

Last week began with the Supreme Court striking down a key affirmative action provision in the Civil Rights Act of 1964 in the decision, Chief Justice John Roberts reasoned that so much has changed in America over the last 50 years that crucial parts of the landmark bill were no longer vital.

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Of course, it took just 24 hours to prove the Supreme Court and Fox News wrong; first, there was Cliven Bundy, racist old coot of a tax-dodging rancher and Tea Party hero, being caught on camera hissing slurs and KKK gospel. Then, tapes of Clippers owner Donald Sterling begging his half-black girlfriend not to associate with or bring black people to his basketball games were released on TMZ, causing a major uproar.

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Stewart marveled at the depth of Sterling’s racism (especially against Magic Johnson!) and the fact that he was supposed to be given an NAACP Lifetime Achievement award, but there wasn’t much more that he could add to the flurry of denunciations by players, sponsors, broadcasters, and even President Obama. Perhaps that’s why Larry Wilmore, in the next segment, mostly focused on convincing Clippers star point guard Chris Paul to move to the Lakers.

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