Atlanta Studio Sparks Protests for Plan to Clearcut 200-Acre Forest for More Soundstages

Blackhall Studios, where films like ”Venom“ have been shot, is under fire from environmental groups over its expansion plans

Blackhall Studios, which has hosted some of the biggest Hollywood productions in Georgia in recent years, has come under fire from local activists and conservation groups for its plan to build new soundstages on 200 acres of natural forest in DeKalb County just outside Atlanta.

If completed, Blackhall would become the largest production space in a state that has seen a rapid expansion in film and TV projects in the last decade. The conflict over the expansion has placed Hollywood at the center of intense debate over climate change, gentrification and racial inequities inside a liberal enclave of a Republican-controlled state.

“At a time when climate action is more urgent than ever, our local officials are neglecting their duty to protect irreplaceable forest that is such a major part of what Atlanta is,” said Jacqueline Echols, president of the South River Watershed Alliance.

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Jeremy Fuster

Box Office Reporter • • Twitter: @jeremyfuster