‘Atypical’ Final Season Trailer: Sam Moves Out, Gets Academic Probation and Panics About the Future (Video)

Find out how it all ends July 9


In Season 4 of “Atypical,” Sam (Keir Gilchrist) moves out of his parents’ house, gets put on academic probation and starts to freak out about what he’s going to do after college. And that’s all just in the trailer for the comedy’s upcoming fourth and final season, which Netflix released Monday.

The video, which you can view here and above, begins with Sam’s parents, Doug (Michael Rapaport) and Elsa (Jennifer Jason Leigh), getting him settled in his very own apartment.

“This is where you can sit when we talk when I FaceTime you every night,” Elsa says, beaming at her son, who is on the autism spectrum, with immense pride. “Every night?” Sam asks. “I talked myself down from three times a day, so that is my best and final offer,” Elsa says.

Sam is then seen with Professor Judd (Sara Gilbert), who asks him what he wants to do after college — just before he finds out he’s on academic probation and begins to spiral about his future.

Here is the official description for the 10-episode fourth and final season of Netflix’s “Atypical”: “Atypical” tells the story of Sam Gardner (Keir Gilchrist), a young man on the autism spectrum looking for love and independence. In the fourth and final season, each character faces a challenge they never anticipated and Sam sets his sights on a nearly impossible goal. Jennifer Jason Leigh stars as his mother, Elsa, Michael Rapaport plays his father, Doug, and Brigette Lundy-Paine plays Sam’s sister, Casey.

“Atypical” Season 4 stars Jennifer Jason Leigh, Keir Gilchrist, Brigette Lundy-Paine, Michael Rapaport, Amy Okuda, Jenna Boyd, Graham Rogers, Fivel Stewart, Nik Dodani, Tal Anderson, Domonique Brown, Naomi Rubin, Kimia Behpoornia and Sara Gilbert (returning guest star), among others.

Robia Rashid created the series and serves as showrunner, executive producing alongside Mary Rohlich and Seth Gordon. The comedy hails from Sony Pictures Television in association with Exhibit A and Weird Brain Inc.

The fourth and final season of “Atypical” launches July 9 on Netflix.


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