Aubrey Plaza, Max Greenfield Among Friends Supporting Jason Ritter in ‘About Alex’ Trailer (Video)

Jesse Zwick wrote and directed the film about a group of college friends who reunite after one of them (Ritter) attempts suicide

As Aubrey Plaza says in the trailer for “About Alex,” this story is very like an ’80s movie, featuring a group of friends reuniting in a time of crisis. In this case, it’s an unexpected reunion among college friends after one of them attempts suicide.

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With a stellar assemblage of young talent, the cast list looks like a 2010 version of the classic Brat Pack. The trailer for the film tells us everything we need to know. Jason Ritter (“Parenthood”) plays Alex, who attempted suicide. Within a day, his friends had lured him to a big house in the woods for a reunion so they could keep an eye on him.

Coming together after drifting apart over the past several years reignites old passions, grudges and issues they all thought forgotten. What starts as a light and fun weekend, despite the reason for their reunion, turns more serious as their grown-up worlds clash with the idealism of their college selves.

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Ritter is joined in the film by an all-star cast of young talent including Aubrey Plaza (“Parks & Recreation”), Max Greenfield (“New Girl”), Jane Levy (“Suburgatory”), Maggie Grace (“Californication”), Nate Parker (“Arbitrage”) and Max Minghella (“The Social Network”). Written and directed by Jesse Zwick, “About Alex” was produced by The Bedford Falls Company and Footprint Features. Screen Media Films will release it to theaters on Friday, August 8.