Beyond ‘Bluey’ – Demand for Shows From Australia Just Keeps Rising | Charts

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Down Under imports are outperforming British series in the U.S.

Bluey "Family Meeting" episode
"Bluey" holds a family meeting.(Disney+)

Australian entertainment is having a moment. “Bluey” has become a favorite of children and parents around the world and has even led to American kids speaking with Australian accents. “Neighbors,” the long-running Australian soap opera that helped launch the careers of stars like Russell Crowe, Kylie Minogue, and Chris Hemsworth, was given a second chance after being picked up by Amazon Freevee. And three new Australian series have reached 10 times the demand for the average series in the U.S. since May.

Leading the pack is Amazon Prime Video’s “Deadloch,” which premiered in June. “The Clearing,” a Disney+ original thriller available on Hulu in the U.S.,

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