‘Avatar 2’ Has Made Over $1 Billion From 3D Screenings Alone

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More than 60% of tickets sold for “The Way of Water” have come with 3D glasses, but will that lead to reigniting the format for future movies?


Director James Cameron has pushed for moviegoers to watch “Avatar: The Way of Water” on the big screen and in 3D — as he did with its 2009 predecessor. That is the format for which it was intended. The box office numbers shows that the majority of those who have bought a ticket have listened.

According to data from Comscore and 3D format company RealD, 61% of all tickets sold worldwide for “Avatar 2” so far have been for 3D screenings, amounting to $1.16 billion in global revenue.

3D’s share of the overall box office for “Avatar 2” has remained consistent since its opening weekend, when two-thirds of the film’s $434 million global launch came from the format.