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Azealia Banks Has Been Sacrificing Chickens in Her Closet, Apparently (Video)

The rapper-provocateur shares a very disturbing video on Instagram

Azealia Banks, who spent her 2016 tweeting hate at Zayn Malik, literally fighting with Russell Crowe and trolling the world on social media, ended the year with an insane Instagram video purporting to show her closet-cum-slaughterhouse, in which the rapper claims to have been slaughtering chickens for three years.

Because that doesn’t seem real, here’s the video:

In the since-deleted video posted on her Instagram page, a safety goggle-clad Banks prepares to clean a closet she claims to be using for “brujeria,” or witchcraft. The camera then cuts to a closet¬†filled with what appears to be blood and feathers.

“Three years worth of brujeria,” Banks says.

The outspoken rapper has a history of stirring the pot on social media with outlandish proclamations and feuds with public figures ranging from former One Direction singer Malik to ex-Alaska governor Sarah Palin. She also got lots of attention for declaring and then abandoning her


Banks has remained in the news for non-musical reasons for much of the year, with one of the lowlights being her forcible removal from an October hotel suite party by Crowe.

Wu-Tang Clan member and legendary hip-hop producer RZA, who invited Banks to the party, said the female rapper got “loud and obnoxious” and threatened to cut a fellow guest with a drinking glass.

In May, Banks was dropped from a gig in London after calling Malik “hairy curry scented” and “punjab” in a series of tweets.