‘Back to the Future’ Stars Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd Reunite for Car Ad (Video)

In the spot for Toyota — not DeLorean — the duo discusses which technological predictions the classic 1985 movie got right

“Back to the Future” costars Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd have reunited to discuss which technological predictions the iconic 1985 film got right in a new commercial for Toyota — not DeLorean, the defunct car company whose DMC-12 model was featured in the movie.

“We’ve got 3D movies,” Lloyd told Fox as they sat at a table in a diner.

“We’ve got fingerprint technology,” Fox added.

The duo also discussed the antiquity of a fax machine — Fox can’t believe such technology even existed, while Lloyd revealed that he still uses it today.

“I fax the people I fax,” Lloyd told Fox. “I’ll fax you!”

The 43-second spot released Wednesday serves as a tease for a longer commercial that is set to be released on Oct. 21, which has been named Back to the Future Day since it’s the date to which Marty McFly travels to in “Back to the Future: Part II.”

As part of the celebration of the classic film, Pepsi will release a limited edition soda titled Pepsi Perfect on Oct. 21, the date on which McFly ordered a soda of the same name in the second film.

While Fox‘s character paid $50 for the drink in the 1989 film, fans will be able to buy the bottle for $20.15 in real life.

Watch the video.