‘Barbie’ Passes ‘The Dark Knight’ to Become Highest-Grossing Warner Bros. Domestic Release Ever

Greta Gerwig’s blockbuster has now grossed $537.5 million domestically

Ryan Gosling and Margot Robbie in "Barbie" (Credit: Warner Bros.)

Sorry Batman, Barbie is king.

Greta Gerwig’s smash-hit “Barbie” how now surpassed the domestic gross of Christopher Nolan’s 2008 film “The Dark Knight” to become the highest-grossing domestic release in Warner Bros. history with a whopping $537.5 million, besting the Batman sequel’s $536 million.

The Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling-fronted film is also now within reach of the domestic gross of “The Super Mario Bros. Movie” ($574 million) to become the highest-grossing release of 2023.

The film’s worldwide total sits at $1.2 billion and counting, surpassing the $1.1 billion of “Captain Marvel” to solidify “Barbie” as the highest-grossing film directed by a woman ever. Previously, the film had surpassed “Wonder Woman” to become the highest-grossing solo female directorial effort, but “Captain Marvel” saw Anna Boden codirecting with Ryan Fleck.

The massive $162 million opening weekend for “Barbie” marked a career-best for Gerwig, Robbie and Gosling, but thanks to strong reviews and word of mouth, the film’s box office legs have stretched far and wide, making it a true sensation.

The besting of “The Dark Knight” marks another twist in the Barbenheimer competition, as Gerwig and Nolan went head-to-head in July with “Barbie” and “Oppenheimer” released on the same weekend, only to see both films come out a smashing success. Nolan’s three-hour, R-rated drama for Universal has grossed $266 million domestically and $650 million worldwide so far.

“Barbie” has even more room to grow as Warner Bros. won’t release the film to streaming until this fall, with a traditional home video window (including a full PVOD digital release) to follow before it’s available to Max subscribers.