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‘Batkid Begins’ Trailer Examines Make-A-Wish Dream That Became Viral Phenomenon (Video)

Five-year-old Miles Scott’s wish to become Batman turned San Francisco into Gotham City and brought thousands of people into the streets to help his dream become a reality

What started as a simple attempt to help bring a young boy’s “Make-A-Wish” dream to life turned into a national sensation.

“Batkid Begins” is a projected documentary, seeking funding via IndieGoGo, that looks into how this five-year-old kid’s wish to become Batman became an unexpected viral sensation.

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A trailer released for the forthcoming documentary by director/writer Dana Nachman spotlights the day San Francisco turned into Gotham City for five-year-old Miles Scott, and the thousands of people who showed up to watch this “Batkid” save the city.

“One of his doctors told us that with this disease they just become like a fighter, you know? They have to be,” Miles’ father Nick said of his son’s leukemia diagnosis. “They fight for life, and so I think he sees the good versus evil battle in superheroes and just relates to it.”

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Miles was obsessed with all things superhero, according to his parents, but it always came back to Batman. His wish to the Make-a-Wish foundation was, “I wish to be a real Batman.”

The documentary will follow how that simple wish touched the hearts of so many Americans on November 15, 2013, turning a special day for one boy into a day that the whole country will remember. The city of San Francisco orchestrated several elaborate stunts and “rescues” for Batkid, while 25,000 spectators watched in person and countless more followed his every move via social media

Moving Train Inc., a non-profit that funds documentary films, is partnering on the project. Producers have teamed with big-name industry professionals, like composer Hans Zimmer, who have agreed to work at reduced rates to bring the post-production price tag to $100,000.

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As of this writing, the IndieGoGo campaign, which launched July 15, is nearly halfway to that goal with 22 days left to go in the fundraising effort.

Proceeds from the documentary and its accompanying soundtrack will benefit The Batkid Fund, which is supported by the Scotts and benefits charities of their choosing.

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