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‘Batwoman’ Star Dougray Scott Exits After Season 2

Head Crow Jacob Kane has flown the coup

The Kane family has all but completely left Gotham. The Season 2 finale of “Batwoman” marked the official departure of not just Kate Kane, a role originated by Ruby Rose in Season 1 and taken over by Wallis Day in Season 2, but also her father Jacob Kane, played by Dougray Scott for the first two seasons of the show.

Scott did not appear in the finale itself, as his character was transferred to a prison in Metropolis in episode 16 of the season. After disbanding the Crows for their brutality and deeply ingrained corruption, Jacob Kane found himself at the mercy of Roman Sionis, also known as Black Mask (Peter Outerbridge).

Having taken control of the GCPD, Sionis had Kane arrested for aiding and abetting his daughter, Alice (Rachel Skarsten). Since Blackgate prison was full of criminals Kane himself had locked up, he was transferred to Metropolis for safety as he awaited trial (which would presumably have played a part in the planned “Batwoman”/”Superman & Lois” crossover that was canceled).

“Having Dougray Scott as Jacob Kane on ‘Batwoman’ was incredibly special for all of us,” showrunner Caroline Dries said in a statement. “An actor with his pedigree and reputation elevates any project, and he had great chemistry with his castmates. We loved telling Commander Kane’s story for the last two seasons, and we will always leave the door open to have him return. We wish him the very best!” 

The “Batwoman” finale also saw Kate Kane make the decision to go searching for her cousin Bruce (Warren Christie) who, last fans heard, was either in Brazil or dead (depending on how much you want to read into him being the barrier between Luke Fox and his own death).

While some fans hoped that Wallis Day would remain with “Batwoman” as a series regular, keeping Kate Kane in the fold, Dries notes that there are no plans for her to return right now.

“It’s our way of wrapping up her journey. It’s ending how we met her, you know, in the absence of Bruce, and then bringing that full-circle and giving Kate a loving farewell between the Bat-team and Sophie [Meagan Tandy],” Dries said in an interview with EW.

That said, she added that she’d “never say never” on Day’s return, but for the time being, “that was our farewell to Kate.”

Now, the only Kanes left in Gotham are Alice, who found herself back in Arkham at the end of the finale, and Mary (Nicole Kang). Alice is Kate’s sister and Mary is their stepsister.