Ben Affleck Auditions for J.Lo’s Next Album in Dunkin’ Donuts Super Bowl Commercial | Video

Tom Brady and Matt Damon also appear in the ad, which Affleck directed

Ben Affleck followed up last year’s Dunkin Donuts Super Bowl commercial with another ad this year, although this time he flipped the tables. While last year’s spot found Affleck working a Dunkin’ drive-thru and being visited by Jennifer Lopez, this year’s finds Affleck visiting Lopez in the studio and auditioning to be on her album with a group called the “DunKings” – complete with Tom Brady on the keys and Matt Damon as hype man.

As with last year’s spot, Ben Affleck directed this commercial as well.

The spot not only winks at Affleck and Damon’s longtime friendship but also includes a “Good Will Hunting” reference — Damon caps off the performance by saying, “How do you like them donuts?” Affleck and Damon, of course, won the Best Original Screenplay Oscar for writing “Good Will Hunting.”

This Dunkin’ Donuts spot was produced in partnership with Affleck and Damon’s production company Artists Equity, which was behind their 2023 film “Air” that Affleck directed and Damon starred in.

The spot also comes as Lopez is about to release a new album and a companion film on Amazon Prime Video called “This Is Me… Now.” That film is semi-autobiographical in nature and also features Affleck, her husband.


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