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Ben Affleck Grilled About Wife’s Disappearance in Latest ‘Gone Girl’ Clip (Video)

”You don’t know your wife’s blood type?“ a police officer asks him incredulously

Ben Affleck sure looks guilty of something in the newest clip released from David Fincher‘s “Gone Girl.”

Affleck’s Nick Dunne is calm and collected as he faces off against two police officers (Patrick Fugit and Kim Dickens) who grill him in seemingly conversational tones about his whereabouts earlier that morning.

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It doesn’t seem like he realizes they suspect he has something to do with the disappearance of his wife Amy (Rosamund Pike) on the morning of their fifth wedding anniversary.

“You sure you two are married?” Fugit’s character jokes when Nick just can’t seem to answer even the most basic questions about Amy. And the guy doesn’t help his own case when he confesses that he hasn’t even called Amy’s parents about her disappearance.

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“Gone Girl,” which is receiving strong reviews out of the New York Film Festival, where it just premiered, will be released on Friday, Oct. 3.