Ben Shapiro Says Trump Told Him ‘You’re Going to Love Us Even More’ After He Jumped Ship for DeSantis | Video

The commentator tells Megyn Kelly that the former president isn’t holding his fair-weather support against him

Ben Shapiro questioned Monday why any MAGA Republicans would ridicule him for being a fair-weather Donald Trump supporter when the former president didn’t do that himself.

Recalling how he went from being a staunch supporter of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis for the Republican presidential ticket before he dropped out in January, Shapiro told Megyn Kelly on “The Megyn Kelly Show” that he recently cohosted a fundraiser for Trump, who told him that he’s “going to love us even more” now that he’s ditched “DeSanctus.”

“This sort of, like, ‘If you weren’t with him all the way — if you weren’t wearing the red hat from Day 1 when he came down the escalator in 2015, then we’re angry at you,’ I haven’t received too much of that, but if there is some of that, I’d say that’s not very politically astute,” Shapiro said. “Donald Trump doesn’t treat anybody that way. I’ll tell you that.”

That’s when the conservative political commentator recalled his encounter with the embattled former president at his fundraiser event.

“When I had the event with Trump, we had a conversation about it and he literally said, ‘Ben Shapiro, you’re a big Ron DeSanctus supporter but now you’re going to love us even more, you’re going to love us even more. We’re not going to hold that against you,’” Shapiro said, slapping on a Trump impression for Kelly, herself appearing amused. “Donald Trump doesn’t feel that way. I’m not sure why you would.”

Shapiro said that hosting the fundraiser event for Trump last week was meant to indicate to his fanbase that, no matter their passion for DeSantis, it’s time to get behind the Republican who’s actually on the ticket.

“I’ve said multiple times on the show that if Ron DeSantis had been in when the primaries happened in Florida, I would have voted for him. I think he’s the best governor in the country and I think he would’ve made the best president,” Shapiro said. “But he wasn’t the guy, and so because he’s not the guy, Donald Trump is the guy. And that means that, again, there’s only two guys on the ballot who really have a shot of being president of the United States and Donald Trump is the one that I’m supporting — obviously.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Shapiro argued that “Trump was a much better president than Joe Biden. It is that simple to me.”

“I’ve been very open in my criticisms of President Trump, on character, on policy, and some of the things that he says,” he added.

Watch the full “Megyn Kelly Show” segment with Shapiro in the video above.


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