Ben Smith Talks Digital Media’s Death Dive: ‘You Could Feel That Moment Coming to an End’ | Video

The former New York Times media columnist speaks to WaxWord about his new book, “Traffic,” his new site, Semafor, and “the dumbest decision in the history of digital media” — not selling BuzzFeed to Disney for $600 million

Sharon Waxman

Sharon Waxman On the Business of Entertainment

The founder and editor of TheWrap’s take on life on the left coast, high culture, low culture and the business of entertainment and media. Waxman writes frequently on the inside doings of Hollywood, and is is also the author of two books, Rebels on the Back Lot and Loot

With Vice facing down bankruptcy, BuzzFeed News going up in smoke and too many digital media companies to count in the media graveyard, it’s clear that an era has ended. Ben Smith has been handmaiden to and chronicler of the digital media revolution in this century.