Bernie Sanders Turns to Fox News to Tout $3.5 Trillion Budget Reconciliation Plan

The Democratic Socialist took his plan to a right-leaning readership

Bernie Sanders
Getty Images

Sen. Bernie Sanders published an op-ed on Fox News’ website Monday, urging readers to learn about the Democrats’ new $3.5 trillion budget reconciliation plan.

“For too many years the people on top have been doing phenomenally well, while working families continue to struggle. The time is long overdue for Congress to address the long-neglected needs of ordinary Americans, and not just the 1% and wealthy campaign contributors.  And that is precisely what we’re trying to do right now in Congress through an historic $3.5 trillion ‘reconciliation’ bill,” he wrote, explaining the issues at hand to the right-leaning readership.

He discussed wealth inequality and highlighted the benefits working-class people will see if the bill goes through, from more affordable childcare to more affordable — and even free — college tuition.

While some elected officials choose to appear on the networks whose audiences are already more or less made up of their voting base, Sanders doesn’t shy away from opportunities to bring his progressive message to the conservative fans of Fox News.

In 2019, he participated in a town hall on the network, which ended up being the most-watched program of its kind that year and earned Fox News industry praise.


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