Beyonce and Jay-Z Concert Bizarre Groping-Turned-Finger Biting Incident Ends in Arrest

Suspect arrested at Pasadena Rose Bowl after he allegedly groped the victim’s girlfriend and chomped the digit in an ensuing fight

A man was arrested at the Beyoncé-Jay Z concert at the Rose Bowl on Saturday night for biting off the tip of a man’s finger in a fight that began after he allegedly groped the man’s girlfriend.

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Roberto Alcaraz-Garnica, 25, of San Diego was arrested for sexual battery and mayhem after the scuffle.

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“The suspect sexually assaulted the female victim,” Lieutenant John Luna of the Pasadena Police Department told TheWrap Sunday. “The woman’s boyfriend confronted the alleged groper, and a fight ensued. During the altercation, the suspect bit the victim, causing serious injury to his finger.”

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You can insert your own “put a ring on it” joke here.

The Saturday night show was part of Beyonce and Jay-Z’s “On the Run” tour and was attended by roughly 55,000 people. There is another show Sunday night.