Beyonce’s ‘Renaissance’ Kicks Off December Box Office With $21 Million Opening

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AMC hopes its latest concert film has long legs while “Godzilla Minus One” arrives to an $11 million launch

beyonce-grammys Renaissance
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Phase 2 of AMC Theaters’ concert film experiment kicked off this week with Beyonce’s “Renaissance,” which has earned a respectable $21 million opening weekend from 2,359 theaters. That’s the highest opening on a post-Thanksgiving weekend in 20 years.

Alongside Taylor Swift’s “The Eras Tour,” which was also distributed by AMC in partnership with indie distributor Variance Entertainment, “Renaissance” has made 2023 the first year in which two concert films opened to No. 1 on the charts.

“Renaissance” was never expected to reach the concert film record-shattering $92.8 million opening of “Eras Tour,” but now stands among the top 5 highest concert film openings before inflation adjustment.


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