‘Big Brother’ Season 24: First House Guest Evicted in a Landslide Vote

After everyone was thrown for a loop last week, one contestant was blindsided when they were eliminated Sunday

SPOILER ALERT: the house guest evicted on the July 24 episode of “Big Brother” is revealed below.

The “Big Brother” Season 24 house guests evicted their first contestant on Sunday after a week of constantly shifting tides and newly formed alliances.

Joe “Pooch” Pucciarelli and Taylor Hale were on the chopping block this week. Pooch was sent home in a landslide vote, making him the second contestant to exit the house after Paloma Aguilar decided to leave the competition on her own last week. Although there were five contestants up for elimination in the first week, Aguilar’s decision kept everyone else safe.

Pooch thought he’d be smooth sailing this week after volunteering himself to new Head of Household Jasmine Davis as a pawn to finally evict Hale since she received a ton of animosity from her fellow house guests during the first week.

Davis accepted his offer, but she told both contestants that they were her pawn and she was using them to push the other out of the house. The plan among several of the alliances had initially been to actually evict Hale. However, the tides quickly shifted, and much of the house began to think Pooch might be a bigger threat.

Even some of Pooch’s closest allies, including Joseph Abdin and Matthew Turner, voted to send their friend home and keep Hale for another week. Pooch was blindsided by the move, even admitting so to host Julie Chen in an interview after he left the house.

The house guests only had a few moments of relief before Chen threw another wrench in their plans though, announcing that each of them would need to pair up with a “festie bestie” for the remainder of the game. The pairs will compete together, meaning that the “bestie” of each week’s Head of Household will also be safe.

Instead of naming two house guests for elimination each week, the HoH will be tasked with nominating just one pair of “besties” to be on the chopping block. If either wins the veto, a new pair of “besties” will need to be nominated in their place. But the eviction process remains the same. Only one house guest will be evicted each week, according to Chen. Only time will tell what will happen to the remaining “bestie” and how this will impact everyone’s longterm strategy.