Former ‘Big Brother’ Contestants Call Out Continued Bullying of Taylor: ‘Truly Just Disgusts Me’

“Watching Taylor cry really broke me down,” one BB23 contestant admitted


Former “Big Brother” contestants are joining the outcry over Season 24, calling out the continued bullying of Taylor Hale.

After last week’s premiere, many fans expressed their anger over how the first set of competitions went, resulting in most of the women in the house losing their chance to protect themselves from eviction. But more than that, audiences found themselves raging over the treatment of Taylor by fellow contestants, Paloma and Alyssa.

“If your girls alliance is based solely on you talking s— and ‘othering’ the other women in the house then it’s trash and weak,” one person tweeted.

Now, following Sunday night’s episode, several contestants from last season — many from the dominant Cookout alliance — tweeted their disappointment in the all the houseguests’ treatment of Taylor.

“Watching Taylor cry really broke me down,” Tiffany Mitchell, who founded The Cookout, wrote. “I could never imagine what she feels like to be alone WEEK 1 when there are 15 other people in that house. It’s giving Kemi BB21.”

Meanwhile Britni D’Angelo, who was not part of The Cookout, said that the houseguests need to recognize the racist roots of their treatment of Taylor.

“It truly just disgusts me how Taylor is being treated,” she wrote. “I don’t understand why people just can’t be nice. It’s that simple. No one should ever feel ostracized or isolated in that house. Ever. People need to check their implicit biases and hold themselves accountable.”

Hale also found support from other Cookout members Hannah Chaddha, Azah Awasum and season 23 champion Xavier Prather, as well as regular “Big Brother” competitor Janelle Pierzina.

A personal friend’s of Taylor’s also spoke out on the episode, imploring CBS itself to step in and address her treatment on the show.

“I am absolutely beside myself about the treatment that one of my closest friends, #TaylorHale, is receiving on #bb24 & I implore @CBSBigBrother to do the right thing & intervene,” one friend wrote. “This is not about performing for a show. This is a person’s real life & this treatment is disgusting.”

CBS did not immediately respond to TheWrap’s request for comment on the matter.

And, like last week, Taylor also had the support of fans — many of whom arguing that the way she’s being treated on the show is a pretty clear indication of why The Cookout was even formed last season. You can check out more responses below.