Cuddly Robot Baymax Is a Crime-Fighting Marshmallow in Latest ‘Big Hero 6’ Trailer (Video)

Walt Disney Animation Studios’ upcoming robot superhero film opens in November

Baymax is a lovable, cuddly and super-heroic robot in the latest trailer for “Big Hero 6,” released Thursday.

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The new spot for the Walt Disney Animation Studios’ film shows a young protagonist Hiro (voiced by Ryan Potter) first discovering the inflatable robot (voiced by Scott Asdit), which was programmed by his late brother.

The 14-year-old robotics expert and his mechanical pal quickly become inseparable. “It’s like spooning a warm marshmallow,” notes one of Hiro’s friends.

However, the gang’s fictional city of San Fransokyo soon finds itself under siege by a kabuki mask-wearing villain. Baymax helps Hiro and his friends fight this menace by transforming them into high-tech heroes of their very own.

“Big Hero 6,” which also stars the voices of Jamie Chung, Damon Wayans Jr., Alan Tudyk, and T.J. Miller, is based on a Marvel comic and is the first Marvel property Disney has animated for the big screen since acquiring its parent company in 2009.

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“Big Hero 6” hits theaters Nov. 7.