Bill Cosby Scolds Jimmy Fallon For Impersonating Him, Talks About Birthday Sex (Video)

The comedian turned 77 in July

Bill Cosby does what Bill Cosby wants when appearing on “The Tonight Show,” and on Monday, he decided to dedicate the majority of his appearance to scolding Jimmy Fallon for impersonating him.

“I heard you doing it again,” the 77-year-old comedian said before standing to his feet to rant to the audience in typical Cosby fashion.

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“Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, you were here,” Cosby said. “All I ask in this summation is did he, James John Shamus Fallon, do his imitation of a certain person?”

Fallon finally got the star of an upcoming NBC family sitcom to take a seat, but he may have instantly regretted it, because Cosby began talking about having birthday sex with his wife.

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“Bill, no, I’m going to stop you,” Fallon interjected.

But of course, Cosby can’t be stopped. Find out what “the most frightening thing at age 77” during sex is, below: