Bill Maher Says Canada Isn’t US Liberals’ ‘NPR Come to Life’ Fantasy Country Anymore | Video

The Great White North was once where “every woke white college kid … who’d had it up to here with America’s racist patriarchy” wanted to be, the host explains — “I mean, besides Gaza”

Bill Maher isn’t buying the idea that Canada is a model country that citizens of the United States should look to for guidance. He spent eight minutes tearing into the country’s oft-touted progressive values and lifestyle Friday night. Maher told his “Real Time” audience that once, “Canada was where all the treasured goals of liberalism worked perfectly. It was like NPR come to life, but with poutine.”

“There’s only one problem with thinking everything’s better in Canada,” he continued. “It’s not. Not anymore.”

At the beginning of his rant, Maher asserted that “for decades, places like Vancouver and Amsterdam and Stockholm seemed idyllic, because everything was free and all the energy we needed was produced by riding a bike to your job at the windmill.”

“Canada was the Statue of Liberty with a low maintenance haircut and cross country skis, and a giant idealized blue state with single-payer health care and gun control and abortion on polite demand,” Maher continued.

“Canada was where every woke white college kid wearing pajama pants outdoors who’d had it up to here with America’s racist patriarchy dreamt of living someday. I mean, besides Gaza,” he said.

The problem, Maher said, is that things in Canada aren’t as picturesque as the idealized image. “Last year, Canada added 1.3 million people, which is a lot in one year — the equivalent of the U.S. adding 11 million migrants in one year. And now they’re experiencing a housing crisis even worse than ours. And we’re sleeping in tents. The median price of a home here is 346 grand; in Canada, converted to U.S. dollars, it’s 487.”

He also wasted no words cutting into the country’s health care system, which he said “ranks dead last among high-income countries in access to primary health care and ability to see a doctor in a day or two.”

“And it’s not for lack of spending. Of the 30 countries with universal coverage, Canada spends over 13% of its economy on it, which is a lot of money for free health care,” Maher continued.

“Look, I’m not saying Canada still isn’t a great country — it is, but those aren’t paradise numbers. If Canada was an apartment, the lead feature might be ‘America adjacent,’” he said.

Watch the “Real Time” segment from Bill Maher in the video above.


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