Bill Maher Mocks Rupert Murdoch By Reading Fox News-Themed Harlequin Novel (Video)

The “Real Time” host reads an excerpt from “Love’s Fair and Balanced Desire” as a sexy saxophone plays

Will Rupert Murdoch’s so-called right-wing bias seep into Harlequin’s soft-core?

Bill Maher had some fun on Friday’s “Real Time,” putting the spotlight on News Corp.’s recent acquisition of erotic novel publisher Harlequin Books.

While the company insisted that Harlequin’s name and rich heritage would be “preserved independently,” Maher disagreed.

“I think their conservative agenda is going to get in the mix,” Maher said.

To prove his point, he picked up a copy of steamy conservative tome, “Love’s Fair and Balanced Desire.”

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“It was Rachel Winterhaven’s first year at Metro General for-profit hospital, she was a home-schooled virgin brain nurse,” he read. “But under her icy exterior, there was a passion that burned like an under-protected embassy in Libya.”

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“In the warm valley between Rachel’s ample breasts, a single bead of sweat lingered but just due to normal hot weather not significant climate disruption caused by carbon emissions,” Maher joked.

Watch the video: