Billy Eichner Dates the ‘Gay Tom Brady’ in New ‘Bros’ Trailer (Video)

Universal’s rom-com with an all LGBTQ+ cast opens in theaters Sept. 30

Billy Eichner in the new trailer for “Bros” stumbles into love with a guy that he can’t possibly imagine would see him as his type, referring to his co-star Luke McFarlane in the trailer as like “the gay Tom Brady.”

In fact, he can be so bro-ey, sending Eichner’s character a GIF of Michael Scott dancing in a flirty text, that he wonders how gay he could really be.

“‘Office’ GIF? This person isn’t gay,” Eichner jokes.

In fact, while “Bros” has rightfully made waves of headlines for being the first studio romantic comedy to feature a cast of entirely LGBTQ+ actors, the new trailer for Eichner’s film shows that the LGBQT+ community is hardly a monolith and certainly doesn’t always get along. It shows Eichner on the board of a new LGBTQ+ museum opening in New York in which the museum’s bi and lesbian reps arguing for being ignored during their respective awareness weeks…or months.

Eichner co-wrote “Bros” with Nicholas Stoller, who is directing the film and producing alongside Judd Apatow and Joshua Church.

Rounding out the principal cast of the film are Ts Madison (“The Ts Madison Experience”), Monica Raymund (“Chicago Fire”), Guillermo Díaz (“Scandal”), Guy Branum (“The Other Two”) and Amanda Bearse (“Married …with Children”).

Check out the new trailer for “Bros” above, and see it open in theaters on Sept. 30.