Billy Eichner and Paul Rudd Resurrect ‘Billy on the Street’ to Convince Straight People to Watch ‘Bros’ (Video)

Eichner’s manic man with a mic is back after a three-year hiatus

Paul Rudd and Billy Eichner in "Billy on the Street" for "Bros" (2022)
Billy Eichner's Twitter Account

“Bros” writer and star Billy Eichner brought back his popular comedic segment “Billy on the Street” with special guest Paul Rudd as a promotional video to round up crowds of straight people and convince them to go see his movie, hitting theaters starting Sept. 30.

The first pair of men the comedian and actor approach react positively to unexpectedly seeing Rudd, but when Eichner informs them that “there’s a lot of gay sex in” his movie and one of the men says “whoa,” the two hosts swiftly move along.

Later, Eichner tells another stranger on the street, “Sir, Paul Rudd demands that you see ‘Bros,’” and the man is a little too game. “I’m in,” he says, before asking when it’s playing and if Rudd can physically carry him to the theater.

When one woman tries to wiggle out of the video by claiming she has a work meeting, Eichner shouts “Oh, come on. No, no, no, I’ve been working 20 years for this! I need a straight person to go see ‘Bros.’ We need straight people to go see ‘Bros!’”

Later on in the video, Eichner hits the pavement with “a pack of wild lesbians” ready to spread the word about “Bros.”

They approach a pair of friends, one of whom pushes back when Eichner asks if he’ll go see the film.

“Is Playboi Carti in there? Do they play Playboi Carti in there?” the young man asks. “Do you know Playboi Carti?” Eichner says yes, but can’t name a song when the young man asks, retorting, “I can’t name a song, name one song by Barbara Streisand, b—h.”

The high-energy promotional video ends with Eichner asking people to scream for a dollar if they will go see “Bros.” Lastly they pass another man who Eichner asks the one-dollar question, but the man makes a sound of disgust, to which Eichner says “Wow, he was too gay – even for ‘Bros.’”

Eichner’s R-rated romantic comedy hits theaters Sept. 30. You can watch the full return of “Billy on the Street” below.