‘Black Mirror’: ‘San Junipero’ Stars Mackenzie Davis, Gugu Mbatha-Raw Reunite at Netflix HQ (Photo)

Netflix award nominee was widely praised for LGBT inclusion, rare happy ending

Black Mirror San Junipero

Mackenzie Davis and Gugu Mbatha-Raw dusted off the ol’ “Black Mirror” for a bit of a reunion on Sunday.

The stars of the widely praised “San Junipero” episode of the dystopian Netflix series from Charlie Brooker, which has two Emmy nominations for Outstanding Television Movie and for Brooker’s script, sat for a conversation at Netflix’s Hollywood headquarters. See a photo from the reunion above.

The episode follows two queer women who meet in an ’80s coastal paradise that the episode is named for. The paradise is not a town, but a software program where users, particularly elderly and chronically ill people, upload their consciousness — with the option of remaining there after their bodies die. The story follows the romance between two women as their virtual and actual lives intersect.

“It was the first Episode I wrote for Netflix,” Brooker told TheWrap Emmy Magazine about the episode.

“It was partly a deliberate bid on my part to reinvent what I thought the show was. In that respect, it was consciously positive. It’s also set in the past, and it’s very, very American. It has this California Dream-like quality,” he said.

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