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We Found the Subtlest ‘Black Panther’ Tribute Yet

How a podcasting site honors King T’Challa

Everyone loves “Black Panther.” In tweets, essays, and every other medium possible, we’re sharing our collective joy over the Marvel blockbuster. But Libsyn, a podcasting site, may have found the subtlest way to pay tribute to the king.

Since 2004, Libsyn has offered people a way to post their audio recordings online, so that listeners can find them on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and other services. Libsyn’s mascot is a cute little character driving a car shaped like an old iPod. Here’s a picture:

Black Panther t'challa Libsyn podcast

When I said that Libsyn’s mascot, I meant that’s usually Libsyn’s mascot.

Since last week, when podcasters have logged in to post new episodes or see how many people have downloaded past ones, they’ve been surprised by very small, very subtle variations on the image above. Here’s an example:

Libsyn Podcast Black Panther

See what they did there? The black suit? The little ears? The necklace? You may have to squint, but that’s King T’Challa — aka Black Panther, hero of Wakanda, riding in a little iPod car that is, let’s be honest, pathetically behind Wakandan technology.

It’s just one of those little Easter eggs that makes the Internet worth it, sometimes.

If you want to go searching for hidden Black Panthers, here’s a link to Libsyn.

If you want to make a podcast about Black Panther, well, they can probably help you with that, too.

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