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Blake Shelton and Jimmy Fallon Are Terrible at ‘Random Object Football Toss’ (Video)

With objects from mannequin heads to bullhorns, sub sandwiches and 8-layer dip, the “Tonight Show” game was an absolute disaster

Blake Shelton and Jimmy Fallon learned the hard way that there is a reason the football is shaped the way it is. In a game Fallon dubbed “Random Object Football Toss” on “The Tonight Show,” the two competed head-to-head to see who could throw more random objects through a hole. And they were terrible.

The men were tasked with throwing a mannequin head, a foot-long sub, a beer pitcher full of peanuts, 8-layer dip, and a bullhorn through a small hole in a wall. It did turn out to be a competitive match-up, but only because both men were absolutely atrocious. They did a good job of making a huge mess all over the studio.

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Shelton came close with several, and finally scored a single point with the beer pitcher filled with peanuts. It would prove to be the only point he needed.

“You realize this is your show and you don’t have to air any of this, right?” he told Fallon at one point, reiterating several times how stupid the whole things was. “There’s still time to edit this out.”

But Fallon edited none of it, even though he not only failed to score a single point, but he lobbed the bullhorn way too high, lamenting that he forgot to let go of it.

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Fallon’s a competitive guy, but he’s clearly willing to show when he’s way out of his league. And now we know why football isn’t played with mannequin heads.