Blind Item Guessing Game 2: Who’s Next on ‘Drinking With The Stars’? (Photo)

No shame in guessing. Hints inside.

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Our next guest on TheWrap’s “Drinking With the Stars” went pro at age 7.

Destined for awards at birth, she’s an ivy-leaguer from the big city whose Hollywood success is more rare because it comes from somewhere other than a comedy writing room.

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Don’t be a phantom. Come back tomorrow when this top photo will become clickable, allowing you to click through and reveal the star.

With three films coming out in the final 10 weeks of 2014, she has lots of cameras pointed at her. We’ve added two more.

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It’s the next outing of our Drinking With the Stars episodes featuring interactive photography from our technology partner, Lytro and the Lytro Illum camera.

See you tomorrow for the reveal.