‘Boy Next Door’ Ryan Guzman Gets Quizzed on Jennifer Lopez in ‘Wrapid Fire’ Round (Video)

TheWrap puts actor to the test on just how well he knows his co-star in the Universal Pictures thriller

Ryan Guzman stopped by TheWrap’s studio for a far-ranging interview where he discussed his plum role opposite Jennifer Lopez in steamy thriller “The Boy Next Door.”

The actor discussed how he landed the role, what it was like filming the racy sex scene with Lopez, as well as his upcoming baseball drama directed by Richard Linklater.

On being cast in the movie, Guzman revealed: “One of my commercial agents actually reached out to my manager saying that Jennifer Lopez wants me to do a table read. I, of course, thought it was a prank so I hung up … quite a few times.”

Of the film’s very intimate sex scene with Lopez, Guzman said he didn’t quite know what to expect going in.

“It wasn’t actually so clear in the original script. It was just like one line that said ‘intimate scene,’ or ‘sex scene,’” he told Wrap executive editor Joseph Kapsch. “So that’s not what gave me the interest in the film.”

But the scene proved challenging for Guzman, who admitted to Lopez on day of shooting that he was very nervous.

“She’s the one who told me, ‘This is for the film, and without this particular piece being so memorable or passionate [and] intense, none of the movie makes sense,” Guzman said.

After the interview, TheWrap couldn’t pass up the opportunity to quiz the 27-year-old actor on just how well he knows co-star Jennifer Lopez. Being an extremely good sport, Guzman obliged.

Watch the video to see how he didAnd see more of the actors interview.

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