Brad Pitt Tries to Teach Logan Lerman The Brutal Reality of War in ‘Fury’ Clip (Video)

Another clip from the upcoming Sony flim features Pitt’s Sherman Tank squaring off against a much more powerful German Tiger tank

War requires brutal action, or as Brad Pitt puts it in a clip released from Sony’s upcoming “Fury” film, “He kills you or you kill him.”

The clip centers on Pitt’s Sgt. “Wardaddy” Collier and Logan Lerman’s young recruit “Cobb” Ellison, who doesn’t want to have to kill. An enemy combatant has been captured by their tank crew, so Wardaddy uses it as a learning opportunity to toughen up his young soldier.

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Only Cobb would rather die than kill another man, even if he is the enemy. He begs Wardaddy to just kill him instead, but that’s not an option. Instead, Wardaddy physically forces him to point his gun at the captive as the clip ends.

Another clip shined a spotlight on one of the biggest confrontations in the film, as Wardaddy’s Sherman tank crew found themselves face to face with a much more powerful German tiger tank.

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It’s a slow motion battle as the tanks circle one another, trying to get the edge while avoiding the other’s line of fire, and of course it also ends before the pivotal moment in the confrontation.

See that clip below, while Pitt’s confrontation with Lerman is above.

Written and directed by David Ayer, “Fury” also stars Shia LaBeouf, Michael Pena, Jon Bernthal, Jason Isaacs and Scott Eastwood. Ayer produced alongside Bill Block, John Lesher, Alex Ott and Ethan Smith. Columbia Pictures will release the film in theaters on Friday, Oct. 17.