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‘Breaking Bad’ Features Stephen Colbert Ice Cream ‘Endorsed by Sociopathic White Supremacists’ (Video)

Stephen Colbert says two Emmys weren’t the best part of his Sunday

Ensure wasn’t the only product that got a not-necessarily helpful endorsement from “Breaking Bad” this week — so did Stephen Colbert‘s Ben & Jerry’s flavor, “Americone Dream.”

In a tender moment between Jesse and his captor, Todd, Todd slips away from his uncle’s neo-Nazi gang to bring Jesse some ice cream — including Colbert’s flavor.

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“Americone Dream,” Colbert said on “The Colbert Report” Thursday. “The only ice cream endorsed by sociopathic white supremacists. It does keep the vanilla separate from the caramel.”

Colbert said he was glad “Breaking Bad” was finally repaying him for repeatedly endorsing Heisenberg’s crystal blue meth.

“It’s about damn time they did this after all the times I have plugged their product, the Blue,” he said.

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Colbert also noted that the ice cream helped Jesse briefly escape from his underground cage.

“After eating my ice cream, he can leap like an eagle,” he said.

Colbert also said “Breaking Bad” creator Vince Gilligan would join him on the air Monday.

Watch the video: