Brett Goldstein Says Hercules and Roy Kent Would ‘Grudgingly’ Be Friends

But Goldstein jokes his “brain will explode” if he violates Marvel’s NDA to discuss his new MCU role

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Comedic actor and writer Brett Goldstein, known for his role of Roy Kent in Apple TV+’s “Ted Lasso,” and now the latest addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Hercules, could see these two characters he embodies being friends.

After taking time to think about it, he told TheWrap that they would do so “grudgingly.”

“Grudgingly,” he repeated. “After a long war.”

Ahead of the 2022 Emmy’s, a majority of the “Ted Lasso” cast gathered for a green astroturf carpet and panel discussion as a part of an Apple TV+ FYC event.

When asked what Roy Kent’s AFC Richmond fans would think of him being in a superhero movie, Goldstein had more to say.

“I think they’d be like, at first, ‘this is an odd career choice,’” he said. “And then they’d be like, ‘That’s f—in cool, I mean, sports people have made this crossover quite well.”

“In a dream world, Roy can become The Rock, who does ‘Jumanji’ and ‘Moana,’” he continued. “That’s what you want – Roy Kent singing in ‘Moana.’”

Phil Dunster, who stars opposite Goldstein in the comedy series as Roy Kent’s younger, antagonistic former teammate Jaime Tartt, sees his co-star’s role as a victory.

“I love it,” Dunster said. “Anytime I get to see him topless is a win for me.”

Goldstein wouldn’t say anything more about his future in the MCU.

“They put a chip in me,” he joked. “My brain will explode if I talk about it. And I don’t really know what happened, nor do I understand it. And I don’t know if that’s because they’ve scrambled my brain or they’re watching, but either way, I’m silent.”

Goldstein appears in the first post-credit scene as Hercules, son of Zeus (Russell Crowe), who Thor (Chris Hemsworth) tried to kill by putting a lightning bolt through his chest. But as viewers found out at the end of the film, that didn’t work, and the very much still alive Zeus asks Hercules to track Thor down for revenge. It’s a potentially big role — in Marvel Comics, Hercules is a hero who has even been a member of The Avengers.

“Thor: Love and Thunder” is now in theaters, and the first two seasons of “Ted Lasso” are streaming on Apple TV+. Filming has begun for season three, but only time will tell when it will be released.