‘Succession’ Star Brian Cox and Logan Roy Agree: ‘Humans Have Really Screwed the Whole F–king Thing Up’ (Video)

Speaking with Trevor Noah on “The Daily Show,” the actor said he’s “disappointed in the human experiment”

Brian Cox has a lot of sympathy for his “Succession” character Logan Roy. The actor told Trevor Noah during an appearance on “The Daily Show” Tuesday night that he and his character actually have a lot in common — including their disdain for the current state of the world.

“Both he and I are disappointed in the human experiment,” he said. “We think that humans have really screwed the whole f–king thing up, quite frankly – and it’s getting worse on a daily basis.”

Listing off a few examples, Cox added: “We’ve never been in such a bad time as we are at the moment, what with Ukraine and the fact that we’ve had this ridiculous pink Pinocchio that’s been the president here.”

“It’s just really bad,” the actor concluded.

In an effort to understand his character better, Cox said that he and Logan “have a chat occasionally, and we’ve decided that the human experiment is in a pretty bad place.”

Noah was quick to point out that, while the actor and his character might have the same opinion on the state of the world, they sure do have a different way of handling it. “You’re the complete opposite of your character” in that regard, he told Cox.

“I’m an optimist,” Cox replied. “He’s a pessimist. And I do believe that human beings can get better, but they’ve got to do a lot of work. They’ve got to work for it.”

You can watch Cox’s full “Daily Show” interview in the video above.