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‘Bridgerton’ Boss Chris Van Dusen Hints at More of Eloise and Theo in Season 3

“I think some work has definitely been done this season to set Eloise up for future seasons and I think Theo’s very much a part of that,” Van Dusen told TheWrap

The relationship between Eloise and Theo in “Bridgerton” Season 2 might not be over.

That’s one of the hints TheWrap got when we spoke with “Bridgerton” creator and executive producer Chris Van Dusen last month about all the big moments in the finale episode, including why the writers gave Eloise (Claudia Jessie) a love interest in Theo (Calam Lynch) — something that doesn’t happen in the books.

“Why did you want her to sort of be able to experience a proper crush and some real chemistry with a bright young man of another class?” The Wrap asked.

I think, you know, it was time for Eloise,” he responded (you can read more from that interview here). “And like I’ve said before, and as I think everyone suspected, she was going to have no interest in these debutante balls and putting on these incredibly restrictive ball gowns and going out and practicing her dance steps and dancing with other men. She’d much rather be out pursuing what she loves, you know, these intellective matters and I think some work has definitely been done this season to set Eloise up for future seasons and I think Theo’s very much a part of that.”

That should certainly get #Theloise hearts racing, but TheWrap didn’t stop there. We asked Van Dusen what threads might be picked up on in “Bridgerton” Season 3 like Penelope’s big secret now known by her ex-best friend and Benedict finding out his brother paid for him to attend art school.

“We definitely left off what happens to Penelope and Eloise in a really – that’s going to be riveting to see what happens next season. I think Lady Featherington now saying goodbye to Jack, and she is now solo — I think that’s going to be fascinating. I think Benedict … I’ve always been interested in exploring what happens outside of the confines of Mayfair and Benedict is key to that idea. And he takes us out of the ton’s drawing rooms and into this more bohemian world, all these artsy spaces where we get to meet all kinds of colorful characters we don’t meet in Grosvenor Square. And [in Season 2] Benedict — he’s someone who’s very much trying to figure out where he fits in with his family as a second son,” Van Dusen said. “And he’s definitely been afforded some privileges because of that very thing. He doesn’t have to carry on the family mantle. He’s not in charge of this family and I think being the [second] son allows him more freedom and I love seeing what Benedict chooses to do with that freedom. So I think, you know, some work this season was definitely set up to follow Benedict in that regard too.”

In Julia Quinn’s third “Bridgerton” book, “An Offer from a Gentleman,” Benedict’s lady love, Sophie, is the one who encourages the second son’s artistic talents, but since that was covered fairly expansively in Season 2 of the show, TheWrap asked if the show team was planning to follow the books in Season 3, or even potentially merge romances.

“I think there’s always that possibility and that chance,” Van Dusen replied. “I had always seen one love story per season, following one sibling per season. I think there’s a lot of, you know, juice and drama that you can get out of all these … central love stories, these central romances, but there’s definitely a possibility to do otherwise.”

“Bridgerton” Season 1 and Season 2 are streaming now on Netflix.