Britney Spears Has Fought for Years to End Her Father’s ‘Oppressive’ Conservatorship, Court Docs Say

The New York Times obtained documents that shed light on the pop star’s thoughts about her case

Britney Spears

Britney Spears rarely addresses her conservatorship in public — even as documentaries, articles and entire online movements lay out its details. But The New York Times on Tuesday revealed she has privately fought against it, calling it “oppressive.”

The Times obtained court documents showing that for years, she has believed the conservatorship maintained by her father, Jamie Spears, has “too much control” over her life. A court investigator wrote a report saying as much in 2016.

The documents include, according to the Times, a “shopping list” of grievances. Spears said her father controls her finances, her friendships and her personal decisions, down to the color of her cabinets. She is worth $60 million, the Times noted, but has had a weekly allowance of $2,000. Infractions, she added, earn her “very harsh” consequences.

Spears is expected to speak at a hearing in her conservatorship case Wednesday. What she will say is completely unknown, though her father’s representatives have maintained that if she wanted out of the arrangement, she could have filed a petition at any time in the last 13 years.

Her attorney has argued in the past that she is “afraid” of her father.


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