Inside CAA’s $750 Million ICM Acquisition: What the Supersize Hollywood Agency Gains (and What ICM Loses)

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Many veteran agents within ICM’s branding, independent film and unscripted TV departments have exited or won’t transition over

caa icm
CAA ICM acquisition (Getty Images)

With the dust settled and CAA finally closing its $750 million deal to acquire ICM Partners on Tuesday after a wait of nearly 10 months, a picture is becoming clear of just how much CAA is gaining from its acquisition — and how much of ICM is being left behind.

Entire ICM departments will be significantly shaved or eliminated as part of the acquisition, including branding, independent film, unscripted TV and a solid chunk of the music department — with a total of 105 staffers expected to be pink-slipped, all from ICM. Exiting agents include the head of ICM’s unscripted TV department Michael Kagan and independent and international film head Jessica Lacy, insiders said.