Candace Owens Exits The Daily Wire After Months of Feuding With Ben Shapiro

The public jousting between conservative commentators will no longer take place under the same roof

Candace Owens, Ben Shapiro
Candace Owens, Ben Shapiro (Credit: Getty Images)

The Daily Wire has parted ways with Candace Owens, who has been openly feuding with founder Ben Shapiro since the outbreak of the Israel-Hamas war, the conservative website and podcast company announced Friday.

CEO of The Daily Wire Jeremy Boreing posted to X on Friday that the company has “ended their relationship” with Owens. 

Owens confirmed the split, writing on X, “The rumors are true — I am finally free,” adding that she will have announcements in the coming weeks. 

This comes as tension between Owens and the Daily Wire team has increased in recent months. The anchor was engaged in a bitter feud with Daily Wire co-founder Ben Shapiro over her coverage of the Israel-Hamas war. 

At one point, Shapiro urged Owens, “By all means, quit.” 

In November, shortly after the start of Owens and Shapiro’s public brawl, Boreing who was on a leave of absence at the time, posted that Owens would not be fired. 

“In my current capacity, I cannot fire Candace Owens,” Boreing wrote. “That’s something Ben and I have in common since he is also not an executive in the company and cannot hire or fire people.”

“But even if we could, we would not fire Candace because of another thing we have in common – a desire not to regulate the speech of our hosts, even when we disagree with them,” Boreing continued. 

Boreing concluded that Owen’s job was “secure” unless her “opinions run afoul of the law or she violates the terms of her contract in some way.” 

On Thursday, the ADL called out Owens’ for her “vitriolic antisemitism,” and connected her to white supremacist Nick Fuentes. Owens denied knowing Nick Fuentes and said, “My crime is having stood up for myself against your network of smears.”

The Daily Wire did not immediately return TheWrap’s request for comment.


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  1. 12GenUSCitizens Avatar

    Dont know the specifics: but BEN seems to have a houseful if it is SIX…so when does he have time or energy to squabble. And if this is what makes HEADLINES for the non investigative reporters–then no asking why every ONE HUNDRED DAYS we are in debt of another TRILLION: no one can run from that people… get your underwear on…and stand up…your brain is depraved of oxygen if there remains any Grey Matter. The soil my DNA contributed to is being GUTTED…so much for Freedoms and Liberties… those who never contributed have destroyed every word in the dictionary…as intendeed via SATAN DIRECT..

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