Cannes Admits Physical Festival Is Impossible, Turns to Other Plans


General Delegate Thierry Fremaux says the Cannes selection will be announced in June, and the festival will then work to promote films that would have been included

The Cannes Film Festival will not take place as a physical event in 2020, the festival’s general delegate, Thierry Fremaux, said Sunday in Paris. Instead, he said, Cannes planned to identify films that would have been selected by the festival, and to help promote them through other festivals and in organized events in theaters around the world.

Fremaux made the comments in an interview with Screen Daily, in which he said that the festival organizers had concluded, “Under the circumstances, a physical edition of Cannes 2020 is hard to envisage, so we’ll have to do something different.”

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Steve Pond

Awards Editor • • Twitter: @stevepond