Cannes Lions Clash: Michael Kassan to Launch Competitor to UTA-Owned MediaLink at Adfest | Exclusive

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After his dramatic departure from UTA-owned MediaLink, Kassan will be holding competing events — and signing new clients

Cannes Lions
UTA CEO Jeremy Zimmer and former MediaLink CEO Michael Kassan (Chris Smith/TheWrap)

Former MediaLink CEO Michael Kassan will launch a new company at the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity next week to compete with MediaLink, the firm he founded which is now owned by United Talent Agency. He also plans to mark his presence at the global advertising conference with a slate of private gatherings with highly connected followers to compete with his former company.

“It feels like I am going to Cannes Lions this year and competing with myself,” Kassan told TheWrap in an exclusive interview. “I am not going after MediaLink and UTA clients. But I’ve had many, many calls from important people in the industry who say they will follow me to wherever I go.”


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