Carrie Fisher’s Temporary Walk of Fame Star Will Be Allowed to Stay ‘For a Few Days’

The late “Star Wars” icon was never nominated for an official star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

carrie fisher
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Carrie Fisher does not have her own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, but the makeshift star drawn in by fans will be allowed to stay, TheWrap has learned.

Fans have taken it upon themselves to write Fisher’s name into an empty space on the Walk of Fame — on Hollywood Blvd. near Orange Dr. — to memorialize the late actress, turning it into a place of mourning. And that memorial will be preserved “for a few days,” Walk of Fame producer Ana Martinez told TheWrap.

“It’s done with details, it’s not damaged,” Martinez said. “We want the fans to have a place to mourn.”

According to Martinez, the legendary “Star Wars” actress has never been nominated for her own official star.

“We would have loved to consider her,” she said. “I’m sure she would have been accepted right away.”

Rules set by the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, which oversees the iconic landmark, stipulate that stars must be nominated for the plaque by a third party, with the nominee’s approval. The requirement that honorees must approve their nomination was set years ago when the organization was forced to scrap plans for a Bruce Springsteen star after the singer made it clear he didn’t want one.

So it’s possible that Fisher was not interested in having a star on the Walk of Fame and simply refused to give permission.

Walk of Fame stars can be granted posthumously, but there’s a five-year waiting period after a performer’s death before that can happen. And any submissions will still require a letter granting approval from the performer’s family or estate.

There is also a $30,000 fee for the star, which goes to pay for the maintenance of the plaque and production cost for the ceremony, and a commitment from the actual star to attend the ceremony.