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60 Sexiest, Shirtless Seconds of Channing Tatum’s Racy On-Screen Moments (Video)

TheWrap’s compliation video features Tatum dancing, and making out, in some of the hottest screen moments of his career

Channing Tatum knows how to turn heads, and he knows how to move. While 2012’s “Magic Mike” may have solidified his sex symbol status as a hard body with killer dance moves, Tatum has been moving and shaking throughout his career.

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TheWrap compiled a 60-second mashup of some of Tatum’s best moves, and hottest makeout sessions. Appearances include “Magic Mike,” of course, as well as a slew of other movie and television appearances. See if you can identify them all?

And while we admit that a minute isn’t nearly long enough to appreciate Tatum’s body of work, that’s what infinite playback is for.

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The world is Channing Tatum‘s dance stage. We’re just meant to sit back and enjoy.