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Charlie Sheen Plans ‘Two and a Half Men’ Return: ‘I Owe It to the Fans’

Actor was famously fired from the CBS sitcom in 2011

Charlie Sheen was fired from “Two and a Half Men” over three years ago, but the actor said Tuesday he wants to reprise his role before the CBS’ long-running series concludes in 2015.

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“The first plan was just to get past all the crap that went on in the past and move forward,” he said told Ryan Seacrest on “On Air with Ryan Seacrest.”

“I actually came up with the idea,” he said on Tuesday’s “On Air with Ryan Seacrest.” “I said, ‘Let’s bury the hatchet, but let’s also put a bookend on this thing.’ I think I owe it to the fans. I owe it to myself. There’s an aspect of closure involved. I think it will be a a nice send-off. I have one idea, they have a couple others.”

In 2011 Sheen was famously fired from the show by CBS and Warner Bros. following a very public fallout with “Two and a Half Men” creator and showrunner Chuck Lorre.

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After Sheen’s departure, CBS hired Ashton Kutcher to replace Sheen alongside Jon Cryer. Meanwhile, Sheen went to FX and has starred in his own sitcom there, “Anger Management.”

“In about a month, we’ll have done 100 episodes and we’ll have finished the work of six or seven years in a normal sitcom schedule,” he told Seacrest. “It’s been a grind.”

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The 49-year-old actor didn’t say whether Lorre had approved his Season 12 return and, as TheWrap previously reported, CBS has remained noncommittal. But Sheen seemed confident he’d be allowed to return.

“We will get together soon and figure it out how that makes sense,” he said. “But not just to honor what I did, but to honor what they did after I left. I think that’s important, too.”

“Two and a Half Men” returns Thursday, Oct. 30 to CBS.