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Check Out the Bewildering Trailer for Indie Hillary Clinton Movie ‘When I’m a Moth’ (Exclusive Video)

The film releases on streaming next week

Sometimes you see a movie trailer that makes your eyes get real big while you wonder aloud: what in the world is this? And why is it so intriguing? The trailer for “When I’m A Moth,” an indie drama from Dark Star Pictures about the time Hillary Clinton spent in Alaska in 1969, is definitely one of them. Watch the trailer exclusively above right now.

Starring Addison Timlin as college-aged Hillary Rodham alongside TJ Kayama and Toshiji Takeshima, and co-directed by Zachary Cotler and Magdalena Zyzak, “When I’m a Moth” is a fictional account of that year that would seem to be, at least judging by the trailer, satirizing the politician that she would become over the subsequent five decades.

The trailer opens with a disclaimer: “What follows is a work of fiction. So is the United States political system. Any resemblance, in either fiction, to real persons, living or dead, is coincidental.” That’s a little bit of a brain teaser for you to start off with.

The perspective of Zyzak and Cotler’s film comes through even more clearly later in the trailer when Hillary utters this line: “I have these pretty extreme Marxist thoughts, you know, and then suddenly I’m talking like a Goldwater conservative. Like my father. But actually I’m pretty radical, I think.”

And the whole thing ends with a wink when Kayama asks Hillary what her last name is. “I don’t think I’m going to tell you that,” she replies.

“When I’m a Moth” will be available from streaming retailers on Aug. 27.