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Chelsea Handler Amazed Kim Jong-un’s Daughter May Succeed Him: North Korea Gets ‘a Female Leader Before America?’ (Video)

”And she’s a minority!“ Handler joked

“The Daily Show” guest host Chelsea Handler was a bit floored on Thursday night after learning that North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un might be grooming his daughter to succeed him — mostly because it would mean North Korea might end up with a female leader before the U.S. does.

To kick off her headlines segment, Handler brought up footage from CNN, showing Kim Jong-un and his daughter at a recent military parade. According to the report, the parade marked the fifth event that Kim’s daughter has been at since November, and she is the only one of his children ever to be shown in public.

As a result, many have begun speculating that Kim is possibly setting his daughter up to take over for him when the time eventually comes.

“Who would have ever thought that North Korea would have a female leader before America?” Handler marveled. “And she’s a minority!”

That said, Handler does think the situation is just another example of a bigger trend people have started to become irate with lately.

“I have to say, I am so sick of these nepo babies,” she joked. “First we have Lily-Rose Depp, and then Willow Smith, and now this girl? What ever happened to becoming a nuke-wielding tyrant on merit? You know how many girls are out there, working hard, learning how to fire missiles and starve an entire population, who will never have an opportunity to lead a regime?”

You can watch the full segment from “The Daily Show” in the video above.