U.S. Senator Pits Trump’s ‘Increasingly Extreme’ Immigration Rhetoric and Proposals Against Ongoing Congressional Efforts | Video

The former president is taking matters further right “as we are closing in on a sustainable bipartisan solution,” Delaware’s Chris Coons tells “Morning Joe”

Democratic Sen. Chris Coons contrasted Donald Trump’s recent speeches regarding immigration with ongoing legislative efforts in the U.S. Senate and House, calling the former president’s language and proposals “increasingly extreme.”

Coons, appearing Friday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” said Trump’s approach, which this week repeatedly included language evoking Adolph Hitler, was working against the grain of Republicans and Democrats alike who are working on immigration reform in Congress.

“This is all in very sharp contrast to former President Trump, who is becoming increasingly extreme in his rhetoric about immigration and his proposals to restore the Muslim ban, use the military to screen and arrest and deport from the center of our country people believed to be undocumented,” Coons said in the MSNBC appearance, which you can watch above, after laying out the ongoing efforts in Congress. “His proposals are getting more extreme as we are closing in on a sustainable bipartisan solution.”

Coons said he wasn’t among the “small group” of senators negotiating language on a bill but that he was in “regular touch with them and support this effort.”

The efforts also extend to “both caucuses” of the House, Coons said, who hold significant concern over the bill, which the senator stressed was “very complex and difficult to draft.”

The Democrat from Delaware who sits on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee described a potential supplemental funding bill in the Senate that included $14 billion to “hire more border patrol agents, to install more screening facilities that would help screen out fentanyl coming through our borders, that would strengthen our border security.”

“And it is a key part of a pathway forward,” Coons added. “Republicans and Democrats are now engaged in negotiating some changes in policy that would compliment that investment.”

Watch the full “Morning Joe” segment with Coons via MSNBC and YouTube at the top of this post.


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